Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is a piece I did last week. Its a mixture of decopauge, assemblage and collage. I love old images and flowers. You will find some kind of flower in most of my artwork. Guess I love the romantic side of things. Buttons and old jewlery are things I seem to be addicted to, so I'm sure they are going to be showing up more in my art. I guess that's what it is about, putting the things we love together in a way that makes us happy and maybe by chance someone else will see it and call it "art".It might make them smile or bring back a memory of something from the past. Or remind them of someone they hold in their hearts. That's what I want my art to do, if not for anyone but me. For a long time I did art to please others. Now I do art to please me, and maybe you will enjoy my journey with me.

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