Monday, September 13, 2010

Well I signed up for a new class.....Paint Free...given by Wyanne. I'm really excited to get started. Hoping to learn alot and make some new friends. Have been painting a good bit,so here is my latest.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


and here is another.

New Stuff

New paintings.....I really love these. Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was out the other day and had to take a pic of this beautiful cloud. GOD's art is all around us if we just look at it, and I was so thankful I captured this moment in time at one of his masterpieces. Makes me feel very blessed.
I haven't had a chance to work on any art for a few days and I'm really itching to get down to my studio. Lot's of things to work on,so I thank GOD for the inspiration and the blessings he has giving me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better look

The previous picture was a little dark,so I re took it. I hope this one is better. Click on the pic to get a better look at it.

Been working alot lately...I miss my fun time. I've had the itch to make a fairy jar for a while is my version.It was soooo much fun. I think I may make some more.I love being able to use bits and pieces of things I've been saving for so many years.Bits of string, shells I've picked up on the beach on vacations, junk jewlry I have collected at flea markets and family has given me over the years. It's a good thing I have a basement room to keep my "stuff" in...hehe.One day I will get it organized.
I am very thankful for all GOD has given me and the blessings in my life. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is a piece I did last week. Its a mixture of decopauge, assemblage and collage. I love old images and flowers. You will find some kind of flower in most of my artwork. Guess I love the romantic side of things. Buttons and old jewlery are things I seem to be addicted to, so I'm sure they are going to be showing up more in my art. I guess that's what it is about, putting the things we love together in a way that makes us happy and maybe by chance someone else will see it and call it "art".It might make them smile or bring back a memory of something from the past. Or remind them of someone they hold in their hearts. That's what I want my art to do, if not for anyone but me. For a long time I did art to please others. Now I do art to please me, and maybe you will enjoy my journey with me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some crochet today

What a beautiful morning it is. I wish I could enjoy it. I have bronchitis and its really got me down. the doctor today.
But I wanted to add my pics of two round ripples I've completed in the past. I really enjoy doing these. Crochet is something I can do and watch TV or do in my down time. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another inspired work

Here is another Kelly rae Roberts inspired piece. I think this is my favorite. I hope you like my version.

Hi again....Ok... here is my version of a Kelly rea Roberts inspired pic. The disign is hers but its my interpretaion. I wanted something to put in my computer room to inspire me when I'm web browsing . It's painiting, collage and stamping. Had alot of fun doing it. Kelly Roberts is an amazing artist.I know its not the best pic, but hope you enjoy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi there,
My blog is nothing fancy, just a place where I can share my art.I do lots of things. Crochet, paint, collage, polymer clay, name it and I have probally tried it once. I'm really not that creative.I have a hard time coming up with the ideas on my own. I read alot of art magazines, look at alot of art blogs and websites, and that is what inspires me. I'm also a collector. Of lots of things. I'm always on the look out for yard sales and dollar stores and anywhere I can ramble through someone else's junk to make it my treasure. It may sit in my room for many years before I find a use for it, but it will be there when I need it
I hope you like my attempts, but if you don't , that's ok too. Just enjoy the journey with me and maybe we can be friends.